Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Improvement Papers and Metal Papers

Linda left a comment that these were no longer available on the link on my blog. 
Thanks Linda for letting me know. I have a feeling that there maybe a few people that would like them. If you find more links like this, please email me if you would like the download. If I can find the original files I will repost. My external hard drive is acting funny and I'm hoping that the new one comes before this one dies. It has all of my Auntie M Design files, so keeping my fingers crossed. Almost 1 TB of files...Yikes!

At one time these were in the store that was selling some of my stuff. The store is no longer in business and that was when I quit selling any of my stuff. There was a link on two of my pages (there may be more) that took someone to the store that no longer exists. So here are the links to downloads (free) from Mediafire. They are big files, so I had to break them down into three files.

This alphabet that a lot of you already have coordinates with the Metal Papers rusty paper.
Below is the link to the post.


  1. Great, great, GREAT - thank you Auntie M :-) xxx
    Sheesh - I hope your hard drive doesn't die on you :-(
    Sending it healing vibes :-D
    IKE !!! xxxxxx

    1. You are so welcome. I love doing this stuff for the people who really appreciate it! I hope that my giving freely of my creations will inspire someone to give freely of their talents in whatever that is. Yeah, I really thought that the external wasn't going to connect this a.m...hope that the new one comes pretty quick. I can't save it all on my computer. It's old and doesn't have enough memory. Thanks for the healing vibes!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible work!

  3. Thank you for these great papers! Lots of uses for "manly" cards.

  4. Love the papers also....thanks Hon !!

  5. These are Beautiful papers. Thank you so much for sharing however I did have a problem with papers 2 on each set. I tried 3 times and could not get them downloaded but I still appreciate others. All of your Designs are wonderful.