Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Current Projects...

Just thought that I would share the Wedding Decorations (still in progress) and a couple of Pop-up Cards

Shower Favors to hold candy.
flowers for rim of fabric cake layers

bean bags for the bride and groom to use for bags game (corn hole game)
Mini quilts to hand on head table

cupcake pedestals and cupcake confetti
I made these using plastic champagne glasses, filled them with plaster of paris
 that I colored with paint when mixing and then 
glued pearls around the base so that it looks like bubbles. I bought
flat back for the finals since these round ones do not stay on very well.
I will have coasters on top that will be a platform for the cupcakes to sit on.

these are just a few of the bows that we will scatter around the tables as "confetti"

Still working on the final versions of the fabric cakes...

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  1. these are all gorgeous projects! thanks for sharing the pictures!