Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Clothes

Wondering what I have been up to?.... Mikayla's Grace donation (one of the items donated)...
Our crochet and knitting group has been making preemie clothes for an organization called Mikayla's Grace. If you want to check out the organization or make a donation to this great charity use the link at the right of my blog. 

Gonna work on more stuff for the blog (you guys) soon! I promise... : )


  1. How darling! thanks for sharing!

  2. how about a shopping kit with bar code elements, bet that could be handy! just like real bar codes, with misc.numbers....

  3. What A beautiful thing M.....I used to crochet but due to Arthritis just can't anymore....The things you have shown are beautiful.....Keep up the Wonderful work