Saturday, January 28, 2012


Just updating you guys...I took a WONDERFUL trip to see my son and his girlfriend and am now recharged to get home and scrap some pages from my trip....look forward to seeing some fun stuff for you to scrap some pages. I went to Kennedy Space Center and will probably make some Quick Pages from my space elements that I have posted and we went to Ripley's Believe it or I may make a Believe it or Not page just incase you come across a fun event in which to use them!

I have been neglecting you guys with all of my crocheting and other things...I think I need to make something for the store...AND some nice freebies....just waiting for the inspiration...think I will find it now that I have taken a little break!


  1. Good for you Auntie M. We all need a recharge at times. Loved the PG qps you gave as freebies. Looking forward to seeing some of your trip pages. Geri

  2. Hi M....Sooooo glad you had a great visit to your sons.....A little get away never hurts.....Can't wait to see the new layouts.....Sending Welcome back Hugs....

  3. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation. I cant wait to see what you have in store for us.